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Hayasaka to my Mafuyu
Bokuto to my Kuroo
Tsuna to my Enma
Rin to my Makoto

kozatos ⇀ tetsurouz

Free! Eternal Summer  |  Shigino Kisumi
Rin being a babe in episode 6. (●´∀`●)

Kisumi Shigino || F R E E ! Eternal Summer ep. 08


Shigino Kisumi | Free! Eternal Summer | Episode 8

I will become as strong as Izumi Nee-san. Making a perfect cage. I will protect you.

- Then, just so you know. If you ever possess such tremendous power, please kill me. I’ve had enough. Being an undead.
- I got it. It’s a deal. But I don’t have that power yet. Let’s call a truce before then.

Free! + Underwater
KHR Meme | Nine Characters (3/9)
Enma Kozato

i heard tomorrow is certain friendzoned loser’s b-day


i heard tomorrow is certain friendzoned loser’s b-day


I love, and wish to protect.


T. 207 - A Mechanic’s Will

Isn't it only natural to want to see the "best" thing?


The KHR! Cuties~

Stop being stupid, Crappy Oikawa. I’m shutting the club room doors, so get out of here, Trashykawa.

Please don’t abbreviate your insults!

Trashy Oikawa!

You don’t have to correct it!

Which you want to date? *winks*

I think I know now why Yoshimura has taken such an interest to you. Now, I too want to see what you’re going to accomplish from here on out. Come home, Ken.

You forgot your lunch.